Flute Speed 長笛尾戒 (金色)



使用方法 將長笛尾戒放入長笛末端,然後隨意轉動以獲得更好的聲音。 轉到7點鐘的角度,聲音會變暗。 轉到11點會很明亮。 

Plate Type
 24kGP: Brilliant and bright 

Slip in Flute Speed to the end of the foot joint, positioning its space facing straight to the embouchure hole. Then turn as you like to gain your preferable sound.  
Turning to the angle of 7 o'clock (when embouchure hole is assumed to be 12 on a clock face), the sound will be dark. Turning to 11 o'clock will be bright.

$ 1,180.00

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