Powell Sonare 601 Sterling Silver Flute + Signature Head 95% New

Powell Sonare 601 Sterling Silver Flute Open Hole + Sterling Silver Signature Headjoint (純銀手工笛頭 開孔) 

誠意推介的美國品牌 此長笛保養良好,95%新,有使用痕跡,笛身光亮,按鍵順暢,沒有漏氣。 100%吹奏正常,已完成翻新及拆件清潔。 

Sterling Silver Signature Headjoint 

Sterling Silver Body

Ergonomically designed touch pieces 

A-442 pitch 

Open Hole 

PS-601BOF (offset G with B footjoint)

This beautiful flute is in good used condition - light surface scratching, no dents. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. With a hard case and cleaning rod.

$ 15,000.00

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