Yamaha Cleaning paper (70sheet/pack) 吸水紙 / 按鍵皮墊


特別設計的紙張有助於保持木管樂器清潔乾燥。 雅馬哈木管墊紙是保持儀器墊清潔乾燥的絕佳選擇。 要使用,只需在墊和音孔之間滑動一張紙,然後牢牢地按下鍵幾次。 鬆開鑰匙,重新放置紙張,然後重複直到所有水分都被吸收。 一包70張。

Applicable to all woodwind instruments Flute / Clarinet / Saxophone / Oboe, etc., extend the life of the pad

Made in Japan

Specially designed papers help keep woodwind pads clean and dry. Yamaha woodwind pad paper is a great option to keep your instrument's pads clean and dry. To use, simply slide a sheet between the pad and tone hole, then firmly depress the key several times. Release the key, reposition the paper, and repeat until all moisture is absorbed. Pack of 70 sheets.

$ 45.00

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