長笛右手平衡器 (長笛指托),把它安裝在長笛上使用,姆指就能固定在指托而不會滑出來的,感覺很舒服,即使長久練習吹奏,大家都不用擔心手指會覺得痛了。 

美國 Thumbport II 右手平衡輔助器 

• 初學著可以正確建立右手姿勢平衡長笛樂器 

• 改善音色,明顯音色變美 

• 止滑 

• 減輕右手大姆指的負荷,防止音樂傷害 

 Thumbport II 長笛右手平衡器 




第二代的右拇指平衡器 (中間有個「M」或是「W」) 

四種顏色: 黑灰、灰橙、夜暮蘭 Dusky Orchid、板岩綠 Light Slate 


The Thumbport II Thumb Rest allows greater balance in holding the flute. It is comprised of a C-shaped shell and a thumb-like extension. The Thumb Rest helps the player to place the right thumb at an efficient spot and provides additional support. It reduces strain and stress on the hands. Simple to clip-on and doesn't scratch or otherwise damage the finish of the instrument. 

The second generation Thumbport with a lower angle and thicker profile 

Available in 4 colors: Black-Grey, Grey-Copper, Dusky Orchid-White, and Light Slate-White 

 Made in U.S.A.

$ 188.00

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