Yamaha Polishing Cloth DX - M 纖維製拋光布


它是由微纖維製成的拋光布。 細細的毛髮交織在一起。 末端還採用柔軟的超細纖維線鎖定,耐用且易於製作樂器。 而且,由於幾乎不發生起球,因此拋光的容易性持續很長時間。 

顏色為暖灰色,尺寸為M 290 x 310(mm)

Made in Japan

It is a polishing cloth made of microfiber. Extra-fine hair intertwines fine dirt. The end is also locked with soft microfiber thread, it is durable and easy to make for musical instruments. Also, since pilling hardly occurs, ease of polishing lasts long. 

The color is warm gray, the size is M 290 x 310 (mm).

$ 110.00

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