Yamaha Powdered Woodwind Pad Paper (50sheet/pack) 理紋紙 / 按鍵紙

適用所有木管樂樂器  長笛 / 豎笛 / 薩克斯風 / 雙簧管等,延長按鍵皮墊壽命


特殊粉末留在後面,使墊子不那麼粘。 雅馬哈粉末墊紙採用特殊設計的粉末處理,有助於防止墊在常規使用中變粘。 首先,使用常規清潔紙確保您的打擊墊完全乾燥。 然後在墊和音孔之間滑動一張粉末紙,輕輕關閉鍵幾次。 使用紙張的不同部分對每個鍵重複此過程兩到三次 - 這將確保留下足夠的粉末來完成工作。 一包50張。

Applicable to all woodwind instruments Flute / Clarinet / Saxophone / Oboe, etc., extend the life of the pad

Made in Japan

Special powder stays behind to make pads less sticky. Yamaha powdered pad paper is treated with a specially designed powder that helps prevent pads from getting sticky during regular use. First, make sure your pads are completely dry by using regular cleaning paper. Then slide one sheet of powdered paper between the pad and the tone hole and gently close the key a few times. Repeat this process two or three times for each key using a different part of the paper - this will make sure that enough powder is left behind to do the job. Pack of 50 sheets.

$ 68.00

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